Smart Block Laboratory will use the $120,000 in free IBM Cloud credits to launch CRYPTOENTER blockchain infrastructure platform

January 27, 2020: Smart Block Laboratory, a participant of the “Startup with IBM” program, obtained $120,000 in free IBM Cloud credits to enable the rapid launch of their CRYPTOENTER platform built on Hyperledger Fabric, a Linux Foundation framework. 

Distributed register CRYPTOENTER © is a blockchain infrastructure platform for digital banking, combining banks communications into a single digital space for transmitting financial messages. It creates a decentralized financial marketplace, combining regulators, financial institutions and consumers of financial services within one digital infrastructure, both locally and globally. CRYPTOENTER © is also able to aggregate financial values: crypto assets and fiat money.

Smart Block Laboratory Director Pavel Lvov said“Thanks to IBM, these free credits will help to launch the CRYPTOENTER blockchain platform for digital banking and make it accessible for users around the world. Hyperledger Fabric technology and the powerful IBM Cloud services provide unique transformative benefits for financial markets, with great efficiency, high speed of transactions and low cost.”

The launch of this infrastructure platform will allow regulators to access real-time data validation, financial institutions will have access to new financial instruments, exchanges and brokers will have access to liquidity, and end users of financial services will benefit from cost reduction, with the possibility of direct interaction between each category of user.

The technology of distributed storage and validation of data, implemented in CRYPTOENTER © allows improved levels of interaction between users of the service, both between users and between the user and the service, and will provide access to new financial instruments for all participants in the financial market. The capabilities provided by the CRYPTOENTER © platform are those currently in high demand in global financial markets. 

Overall, CRYPTOENTER © is an infrastructure platform for banks and end users combining the functionality of interbank payment systems (SWIFT, SEPA), acquiring services (VISA, MasterCard, American Express), electronic payment systems (PayPal, AmazonPay) and telephone payment solutions (M-Pesa). Without losing control over liquidity and its customers, by connecting to CRYPTOENTER © and becoming a validator on the network, you can get access to new financial instruments and additional monetization.



Functionality of the blockchain infrastructure CRYPTOENTER ©:

— Integration with shops for acquiring operations (retail payments);

— Cross-border transfers;

— Translation between users;

— Exchange of values between users (P2P);

— Crediting between users;

— Cryptocurrency lending;

— Issue of Stable Coin & #8217; s (raising liquidity);

— Exchange trade;

— Crypto exchange operations;

— Blockchain infrastructure for creating a virtual crypto bank;

— Blockchain infrastructure for creating a virtual digital bank. 

CRYPTOENTER © — it is a blockchain infrastructure for digital banking, on the basis of which a decentralized financial marketplace is created

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